Part of the preparations

The downside of a 6 months trip to a country that is, as the crow flies, 18,116.18 km (11,256.9 mi) away, are all the preparations beforehand. The first and maybe the most important part of the preparations is getting into New Zealand. Since we travel with a working holiday visum, we have to meet its requirements. These are described here:
The most important things for us are the fact that you need to be between the age of 18 and 30 and that you have to have a reserved amount of money. This is to make sure you will be able to survive and your main goal is not to earn money. You need to have $4,200 NZD (€2,738.30) if you’re from the Netherlands. Since it differs per country, you can find further information on said website.
Furthermore you have to have bought your return ticket already, or you have to be able to proof that you have enough money to buy it.

Plane tickets

A very good way to book your plane tickets is to use the website It provides you with a lot of possibilities with dates, plane companies, airports, etc. so you can choose the best fitting plane flight that corresponds with your needs. The cheapest retourticket we could find was $1,406.63 NZD (€930) but the downside of a cheap ticket is the endless amount of time you’ll need for travelling and the many stops. TIP: find out everything about which gate you should go to, how you’ll get there and how much time you are going to need for that (including check-out and check-in of baggage). This way you can prevent getting lost in big airports and missing your flights.
Another thing to keep in mind, is to pay attention to additional costs. Airlines may charge extra money for luggage, insurance and the usage of credit cards which is not mentioned at first. For example: One time we saw tickets for only $453.75 NZD (€300) but when we went on searching, the costs added up to over $1,966.25 NZD (€1,300)!


Then of course, insurance is incredibly important and some are mandatory, such as health insurance and liability insurance. Also a travel insurance is recommended along with cancellation insurance. These are things we still have to figure out for ourselves. However, we did get the tip from a relative that the (free) ACC in New Zealand takes care of all accidents. At least that’s one less thing to worry about!


Finally, we have to buy a passport, visum and a creditcard to buy the visum. We are going to have to alter our Curriculum Vitae because the format differs in both countries. Small things, but still need to be taken care of. At least we don’t have to get any vaccinations and we are glad we won’t have to, since Mirte is afraid of needles.

Love Miriam & Mirte

Snapchat-5604677031383758727– I’m sure you were wondering what we look like when we are preparing for our journey. So here is a picture  for ALL those people 😉



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