Dear diary last week…



It has been a wish of Mirte’s since the beginning to see dolphins, so when we arrived in Picton she decided to sign up for dolphin swimming! Although she wasn’t able to swim with them (all the big ones were out in the ocean), she was very lucky to sea several pods of Hector Dolphins! The rare, small and protected species of the dolphins. They are supposed to be very shy, however they were tumbling in and above the water, came really close to the boat and curiously tried to make eye contact with the passengers. A truly amazing experience. We enjoyed the amazing weather in Picton by reading alongside the Marlborough Sounds and friends.




When we visited Hunter’s, we missed our colleague Helen. And of course we couldn’t leave New Zealand without seeing her, so she invited us to her home. Seeing her and her husband Clarry (worked at Hunter’s as an artist) was even nicer than we expected it to be and it was great catching up and hearing her enthusiastic exclamations while scrolling through the pictures. Afterwards we went back to Nelson, our final destination. The weather was still beautiful and we played some volleyball with Julian and Max from hostel Paradiso. For dinner we went to Masa’s. An Asian restaurant, where we could eat our long awaited sushi! It was super delicious and a lot of fun struggling with those stupid sticks (well… Mirte was struggling, Miriam had skills). We ended our last evening together with friends, chatting in the hostel.



Yesterday we met the Dutch Lisa and of course we had to get a coffee together. While eating our cheesecake and chocolate quinoa cake, we completely lost track of time. All of a sudden it was 3 o’clock already. After quickly going to the city centre, we said goodbye and went to Aad and Hilde.


Our last day… We had been working towards this moment for a while now and although it felt super weird, we were a little bit prepared. Firstly we visited our last Kiwi farmer’s market (ever?), then we put a banana cake in the oven and sorted out our stuff. We cleaned the car for 1.5h, because after 6 months and one quick wash she was quite disgusting. Of course we did a photoshoot with Koni (short for Konichiwa; the greeting we get every time we start the car). We packed our bags and after dinner and our Dutch-Kiwi desert (apple pie and hokey pokey ice-cream), we were completely ready for our last evening. As a surprise we took Aad and Hilde to the movies. They chose the feel-good movie ‘A street cat named Bob’, based on a true story. It was a great last night.


A delay of 1 hour made sure we could stroll on the beach with the dogs one more time. Then it was time for our goodbye. Waving at Aad and Hilde, we stepped in the small aircraft of Air New Zealand which would bring us to Auckland. After a short flight of 1.5h, we arrived, stored our bags, got some information about the flight details and took the bus and train to the city centre. Over there we wandered through Queen Street and watched some free runners, while sitting in the sun. The moment we were heading back to the airport, it started raining. We joked about New Zealand weeping because we were leaving. The rain and the early dusk caused a gloomy atmosphere. Back everything went quite smoothly and soon we were folded up in our seats. Ready to go!




01-05-2017 *1.0* 

The flight was bearable due to the wide range of movies and our exhaustion making it able for us to sleep in the plane. At 5:30 AM, we set foot on Pudong Airport. This time we were determined to not get trapped in the gate again. After being sent to numerous desks, we got our temporary visa and we were able to stay out of the gate. We spent our time here having fun watching the weird Chinese products in shops and writing this. The flight with KLM was long but comfortable.



01-05-2017 *2.0* 

When the pilot announced we were almost in Amsterdam, we felt a bit odd and peculiar. The thought of almost being home after 6 months was hard to grasp. We used our time at the baggage claim area to prepare ourself for the big reunion with our family and friends. We rushed through the gates after the alarm went off and at the sight of us, our sisters sprinted towards us. Then we got the chance to see the beautiful self made banners and of course hug our family and friends tight! We grabbed a drink together and had a really quick catch up before we separated and had dinner with both of our families later that evening. Then our ways separated after 6 months of amazingness! KA PAI GURL ❤


Love Miriam & Mirte


Dear diary…

During this blog post we will summarise what we did the last couple of days. You can see it as a public diary or a guide for doing fun things during a stay in Auckland. We’ve done many things our aunt has recommended us, so we’re no experts but you can enjoy our experiences!

We started our day with visiting a big market in Coatesville. The weather was really nice and sunny, our first real experience with the sun. New Zealand has a big hole in the ozone layer, this means that the UV radiation is much stronger and you really have to be careful exposing yourself to the sun. Even during cloudy days you have to apply sunscreen or wear a hat (Mirte has learned that the hard way). Then we drove into town and had a look at the Skytower. Later that evening Mirte played a short game of tennis with her uncle.

image-6 image-8

The morning started with taking care of a responsibility: opening a bank account. Then we went on to do something fun. We walked to the top of Mt Eden, which is one of the many volcanoes in Auckland.


While staying at Mirte’s uncle and aunt, Mirte is getting ‘driving in New Zealand 101’ from her aunt. Today the lesson was learning to deal with narrow roads with sharp turns. So we went hiking in Waitekere, since the road to get there has all of these features. It was stunning, the diversity of nature was mind blowing and the views were even better. We also had our own tourist guide (aunt) with us who gave us some fun facts about the plants and birds. It really was an amazing experience!

image-9 image-10

Today was full of activities. We started the morning at the tennis club where Mirte and her aunt played some games, meanwhile Miriam enjoyed herself at the beach nearby. Afterwards we took a dive at Pt England to cool of a bit. We got hungry from swimming, so for dinner we went to a cute Malaysian restaurant.

image-11 image-13

This time we had to plan something ourselves. Our choice was to go to Rangitoto, a volcano you have to visit by ferry. When we arrived, we hiked to the top and were dazzled by the view. We could see the Skytower, but the best thing was the overgrown crater which has lots of types of different plants and trees. Just yet we cooked and tried our borrowed tent, because on Saturday we’re going to have to use it for real!

Love Miriam & Mirte

Our first experiences

We’re hereee! After a long long long flight (approximately 35 hours) with some difficulties and a lot of stress, we arrived in Auckland. Fortunately Mirte’s uncle and aunt picked us up at the airport. They stuffed us with some food, which was a big improvement compared to the plane food. Afterwards we fought our jet lag for a while, until it was time to go to bed.


This morning we woke up early and went for a walk with the dogs at Point England Reserve. The beach part looked just like a deserted island, it was beautiful! In the afternoon we went to a big shopping mall to get a SIM card and to pick up some other things. We went out with the dogs again, this time to Waiatarua Reserve where Mirte drove to. It was a weird experience because they drive left over here, but we didn’t crash. Which is nice. The rest of the day we took it slow and enjoyed the Guy Fawkes fireworks

image  image-1

Love Miriam & Mirte