Dear diary week 20…



After a couple of exciting and tiring days, we had a recovery day today. Which meant mainly sitting in the tent having fun and chatting (we’re surprised we still have so much to talk about after 4,5 months!). We had an early night to be fresh for the next day. 

Te Anau

23-03-2017 told us it would be a 4,5 hour drive to Te Anau. We soon found out that it would be a lot less, so we still had the whole afternoon which we used for writing the blogpost. It took a long time because we kept talking to people and most importantly getting a lot of free food. Furthermore we used our cooking skills once again for an amazing dinner and dessert. ‘Flapjes’ with a lot of vegetables, chicken and cheese and a cheesecake!


The DOC provided us with a lot of information and inspiration about what to do for the coming few days. After taking notes of all of it, we drove to Cascade Creek in order to be closer to Milford Sound for our early cruise tomorrow. After a short hike to the Gull lake, we played some card games, ate our cold ‘flapjes’ and cheesecake (not to be forgotten). While getting ready for bed, we saw the most amazing, intimidating starry night! We’re certainly going to miss having this view while brushing our teeth.

Milford Sound/Te Anau


We wanted to sleep as long as possible, so we had to be quick this morning. Not even dressed yet, we jumped in the car to Milford. We had a beautiful drive ahead of us, which would take a while. The highway from Te Anau to Milford Sound is supposed to be one of the prettiest highways in New Zealand so the slow tourists almost made sure we were too late. Once we were on the cruise boat we could pick the best spot, sit back and relax. …. we thought, the wind was extreme in the Sound and after a while we decided to sit inside. It wasn’t long before the skipper invited us to his wheel-house. Miriam got to steer and communicate with the harbour control and Mirte helped with anchoring. Meanwhile we could pick the victims the skipper could make fun of to make the trip a bit more interesting. It was a lot of fun and to make sure we really saw everything of this beautiful fiord, we did two additional walks. Afterwards we went home because Mirte didn’t feel so well.

Te Anau


Sick day! Miriam was personal caretaker, while Mirte was mostly just lying on the couch today. It was raining the whole day so everyone was cooking (it’s the only thing you can do as backpacker in this weather). So did we, we ate some delicious Pita bread with a Greek filling. We played Jenga with some friends and went to bed early (on nurse Miriam her advice).


Another sick day, however this time Mirte felt better but because Miriam slept in a wet sleeping bag (stupid not waterproof tent) she started to feel ill as well! Luckily Mirte had booked a dorm room bed as a thank you for her (that’s real couple goals right there). Actually the whole day can be summarised with: binge watching ‘The 100’ (our guilty pleasure series), eating, doing groceries, more ‘The 100’, more eating, small lake side walk (some fresh air is always healthy) aaandd more ‘The 100’!


Our first day we actually undertook something again. After a slow morning start we finally jumped in the car again and drove to Lake Manapouri. Over there we did a small forest/lakeside walk. This one hour walk was more than enough for our sick bodies. Nevertheless we did something again and that felt great. While eating dinner, we noticed everyone running outside to see the sunset at Lake Te Anau. We ran after them and saw a beautiful sky above the mountains. It was quite funny to see all the people at the lakefront with their cameras, since during the day it’s mostly quiet. The rest of our evening we spent talking with Justin from The Netherlands. When we looked at the time, it had passed quicker then expected. At 3 o’clock we were finally ending the day.

Love Miriam & Mirte


2 thoughts on “Dear diary week 20…

  1. Anonymous 31 March 2017 / 11:55

    En opnieuw dank jullie wel voor jullie reisverslag, fijn dat jullie weer zo snel herstelde van ziek zijn… liefsxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • miriamandmirte 1 April 2017 / 00:21

      Graag gedaan hoor oma. Ziek zijn is het inderdaad niet meer maar de verkoudheid blijft nog even hangen helaas 😦 Maar we gaan gewoon door 💪🏼


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