Dear diary week 15 & 16

Today was Valentines Day, however we still had to work. Mirte wasn’t feeling well, so when we got back she watched a Disney movie while Miriam went for a run. However Miriam didn’t just return with a red head (she ran in 28 degrees!) but also with a gift <3. Mirte immediately felt better after reading the sweet card and seeing the honey she got!


Our ways separated today. While Miriam was a die hard and just went working, Mirte decided to take a day off and go to the Pelorus Bridge (one of the many LOTR scenes) with Jakob. The bridge itself isn’t that beautiful but the canyon-like river had a mysterious vibe because of the rough, narrow rocks and the window clear, turquoise water. The day was a big adventure, also due to the fact that Jakob forgot to tank and we weren’t sure whether we would make it… Eventually we did and Mirte brought some long awaited Fish & Chips home for dinner.



It was Erik’s birthday! Unfortunately Erik and Anton work from 14.00 till 22.00 and we work from 8.30 till 17.00 so we don’t see each other during the day. So when they finally got home we surprised him with his favourite cake (carrot) and an amazing card Miriam bought. All the flatmates wrote a funny message on it and after he blew out his candle we played Durak till the early hours.


We have been cooking some masterpieces lately and we also wanted to test our baking skills. So we decided to make some brownies. The only thing we had was a cupcake baking tray so it became muffin-brownies, all the same ;). We enjoyed them after our leek, bacon and cheese quiche.


Although Blenheim is not necessarily the hottest place to be, it is the best summer spot. It’s almost always good weather and that’s why we were able to go to the river after work many times. This particular day we decided to quickly make some food and drive to the river. There we ate our dinner in the sun on our private beach. Afterwards we decided to take a dive in the cool water (read: stand in the water till our bellybutton, chitchatting away) while the sun was slowly setting. Later that evening we chased the sunset feeling utterly happy.



This time we took a dive immediately after work to have the best dinner at home (home made pizza as recommended by Paul and Jonas). Later that evening we picked up Jakob to go to the river for some stargazing. While counting the falling stars we drank some wine, ate some brownies and talked and laughed a lot. It was a perfect evening.



The last couple of days had been hard on us, working almost everyday. Our bodies didn’t want to cooperate anymore and we started feeling weak and tired. We slept in and talked to our friends back home that morning. Later that afternoon we went on a sunny walk at Wither Hills Farm. A bit too sunny maybe… We met a really nice German girl (Leonie) on the top of the mountain and quickly went back to the apartment to go to White’s Bay and cool down a little. It was even more fun than usual because the waves were enormous and Erik, Anton, Lennart, Maria and us made a competition out of swimming on the wave as far as possible.


image-82  image


Yesterday night was Lennart’s last evening so we partied with all the friends from the whole house (3 flats = kiwi word for apartment). This morning we helped him deciding what to bring to Thailand (“Miriam what do you think, do I need jeans? Mirte what time should I leave, how long does it take to get a ride?”) and said our goodbyes.


Ed organised a staff bqq today for lunch. Everyone was there to enjoy Ed’s sausages with caramelised onion (we weren’t the biggest fans of the onion to their surprise) on toast with sauce. After we were stuffed, we went back to work. In the evening some people of Swampy’s came over and we decided to go back with them to the hostel to party there. We slept on the sofa afterwards and after a short night’s sleep we had to wake up ‘early’ to go to work.


We had to start at 10.30 and luckily could catch a ride back home with our ‘old’ hostel friends (our former driver wasn’t able to find his car keys). After watching some Sesame Street as breakfast entertainment, we left for one of our last days of work. We managed to stay awake the whole day and of course went partying in the evening (for the very last time in Blenheim).


The last couple of days Mirte found a sweater she’s been wearing 24/7, however it wasn’t hers. Miriam thought it was a funny idea to secretly buy a grey sweater and let Jakob draw the same logo on it (a beautiful seagul). Tootering and shouting with party hats on and everything, they came down the stairs, present in their hands. At that moment our new flatmate came down and saw hot cocoa, brownies, party stuff and Mirte opening her gift so he ran to the New World to buy a bottle of wine assuming it was her birthday! Together we enjoyed some wine and had a lot of fun explaining everything to our flatmates.



Last day of work!!! In the ‘smoko’ (smoker=break) we participated in the Kiwi tradition and brought some savoury pies. Of course all our colleagues where obliged to write on our flag as well. We’d already said goodbye to some of our colleagues and at 17.00 Jane (our boss) came in with Jeremy, Helen, Amber and Nicky to give us a super sweet goodbye gift. They’d secretly let a card go around and everybody wrote a personal message on it. We had such a lovely time with them and we still can’t believe we were so lucky to find this place!


In the evening Mirte went back to Wither Hills Farm to watch Blenheim at night and the stars to say goodbye to this chapter of life.

Love Miriam & Mirte


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