Dear diary week 13 & 14…

31-01-2017 till 13-02-2017

Although we work non-stop, we still have a lot of great experiences! For example, Miriam appeared in the local news paper “The Sun” to promote the Sunday brunch.

Unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to Dan, our co-worker in the winery. In New Zealand (or at least at Hunter’s) it’s common to bring food (and mostly pastries!) to work whenever you have something to celebrate. So in the morning Dan brought a big box of pastries, cookies and FAIRY BREAD! A Kiwi tradition for children to bring on their birthday. We got really excited because it had chocolate sprinkles on it (a.k.a. hagelslag)!


We were diggin’ in, meanwhile Dan was writing on our flag. It’s getting fuller and fuller with messages of all the amazing people we meet. During work we also meet a lot of people from all over the world. Amongst them some Dutch people as well. We even had a group of 23 Dutch people coming in, who were really surprised when we started talking. They didn’t expect 2 Dutch girls!

After work we enjoy ourselves by going to the river or the beach with friends, appreciating the amazing weather, nature and people surrounding us. There is a big bridge where you can jump off, nobody however dared to take the leap yet. On Friday’s and/or Saturday’s we party with our friends and housemates and make plans for the coming days.

Paul, for example, suggested to do a tasting at Hunter’s. Of course we wanted our favourite sommelier Mirte to tell us all about it (she was the only one to work on Waitangi Day, a public holiday). So in the afternoon Paul, Jonas, Tobi, Vanessa and Miriam showed up with big grins, eager to taste some wine and hear all the information from Mirte. It was really funny. The same day Mirte’s uncle and aunt surprised her by showing up all of a sudden. It was really fun catching up and it really was a surprise, impressively held secret by Amber.

Time really does fly by, even when working. We celebrated our 3 month (and therefore halfway) anniversary in Swampy’s but we started moving in in the apartment pretty soon afterwards. We already crashed there after partying on Saturday, the next morning we decided to sleep in, clean up and make pancakes! We said goodbye to our friends from the hostel by letting them write/draw something on our flags and on Tuesday 07-02-2017 was our real move in! The landlord is really funny and can speak a lot of languages 🙂

Of course JUST after we moved in, Jakob (from Taranaki and the kayaking) decided to come to Blenheim (more specifically Swampy’s). We felt a bit frustrated that we just moved out of Swampy’s, but we’re still really happy that he lives so close now. We decided to go over there immediately to meet him and his friends. We had a fun night, but since we had a long day ahead we couldn’t stay for too long. The next day (Sunday 12-02-2017) there was a buffet in the cafe for which we had to prepare a lot of food. It was a busy day, but there was still time for an uncontrollable outburst of laughter after the chef tried to write ‘happy birthday’ on a cake. It looked more like ‘harpy’ and generally just didn’t look great. We left that day with a box full of leftovers. Since we were already stuffed of eating during the day, we texted Jakob to help us out. Even though we left Swampy’s a couple of days ago, we keep coming back. We already got asked several times if we moved back in and hope the manager isn’t around every time we come. So next Saturday we’re going to let them come to the partymansion.


More from us in two weeks (when we start travelling again, which is super exciting and a bit scary!).

Love Miriam & Mirte 


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