Dear diary week 11 & 12…


Yup, that’s the main theme of our stay in Blenheim. Because the adults are going back to work, it is noticeably quieter in the cafe and cellar door. Therefore we have been busy throwing 10.000 litres of wine away. This is because of the recent earthquake, which damaged some bottles, but because of health and safety regulations we have to throw all the bottles of the batch away. Heartbreaking, but it gives us an opportunity to work in the sun :).


Wednesday is our day off and we decided to enjoy it by hiking near White’s Bay with a friend. We got sidetracked a bit (or shall we say a lot), which caused some roll and slide adventures, but that just made it more interesting. We had some beautiful views (as usual) and even did a small airy track. Also, we met some interesting locals (Kiwis), with whom we talked for a bit. Afterwards we cooled down by taking a dive at White’s Bay. 


After our day off, we had to go back to work. However it’s not as bad as it sounds, since we have amazing colleagues and have a lot of fun during the breaks. Today the fun existed of riddles. During the first break Dan wrote down some riddles on the board which we had to solve. Everybody got really into it, so Paul wrote down some more. Some of our favourites:

The day at (hint: common expression)

DthymesageAbasilsaltY (hint: it is a Kiwi expression and a New Zealand band) 

DrSylvesterMarten (hint: fairytale character)

No it know (it’s impossible, give up)

Answers to be found at the bottom 🙂


Another day of working in the winery. Luckily we had the evening to look forward to! We arranged to meet some of our colleagues in the bar neighbouring their hostel. We decided to walk because we were told it was about 10 minutes, these 10 minutes turned out to be 30. Luckily we had some great selfielight on the way with the setting sun. The evening was a lot of fun; meeting a lot of people, trying our first Homer, doing some games and dancing.


After working in the cafe all day, we were stuffed with all the treats we got. Saturated we went to the Western themed birthday/goodbye party of our friends. Coincidentally we got two bottles of wine at work today, so we had a proper gift to bring. We met even more new people, went to the club and crashed on the couch at their place to get as much sleep as possible, since we had to work the next day of course.


Another day full of treats at the cafe. We got apple cinnamon muffins (the chef used the wrong flour, what a shame…).


An exciting day of cleaning. We did make awesome hamburgers though.



After 8 hours of stickering we were glad to return to the hostel. Only for a short while though, because after we packed our stuff we drove to the free campsite in Nelson to meet some old friends. We arranged to go kayaking in the Abel Tasman National Park with them the next day.
We went out for a fancy dinner at the Noodle Canteen (it was surprisingly good, we loved our honey fried chicken nr.32!). In the evening we met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun with Jakob and Johannes (from Taranaki). 


The next morning we had to be in Marahau at 08.30 AM. However, after an 1 hour drive they told us the freedom kayaking was cancelled because of wind gusts of 25 knots (80 km/h)! So we decided to hike a part of the Abel Tasman Great Walk. It gave us a marvellous first impression of the park with all of its colours, smells, sounds and views! ❤ we had an amazing lunch at Apple Tree Bay, took a dive and played frisbee. However we got dispelled by the wind gusts, smashing sand against us. Later that afternoon we went to Split Apple Rock and then went to the DOC campsite in Canaan Downs. It was a gorgeous place (the starry night was genuinely flabbergasting) and also freezing.


Today was the actual kayak day. We started with an extensive introduction and some safety regulations. At 10.00 AM we were finally good to go! We kayaked along the coastline exploring some caves on the way and crossed the sea to Adele Island where the seal colony was waiting for us (along with its pups <3). Afterwards we had lunch at a beautiful golden beach while looking at the azure water. On our way back we even had an encounter with some stingrays. It jump-scared us quite a bit, since they look exactly like shadows/rocks. We felt privileged bobbing on the water, admiring the view and eating our muffins with friends. After our freedom kayaking experience was over we took a shower, chilled a little bit longer with J&J and then had to begin on our 3 hour drive back.



We recovered from those two overwhelming eventful days by working and relaxing with series afterwards.
Here is a beautiful picture of the vineyards of Hunter’s wines!


We got a surprise day off! So we decided to sleep in, take it slow and go to a recommended swimming spot. The first hour we had a private resort. We used this time to make selfies with the camera, but as you can see from the pictures; making a picture with a 10 sec limit can be hard :’). We spent our day sunbathing (tan is getting real now :P), reading, writing, swimming and generally just relaxing. We were planning on writing this blogpost, but it got delayed. The moment we got back we played frisbee with some friends of the hostel and then we got invited to the party mansion of the Swedish guys. However, work started early the next day, so we left the booming party quite early.



We both had a good and busy day of working. This morning we got the contact details of the landlord of the party mansion, since we’re looking to move in there. We are really looking forward to living in an apartment with Erik, Anton and Basti! We also can’t wait to have a clean kitchen with working oven and stove, our own bedroom and a clean bathroom! :’)


Woooork. However we moved up the ladder and did label-scraping and working on the bottle-line today. In the breaks we cuddled with Ricky (cutest dog you’ve ever seen). He is VERY enthusiastic (check out the movement in the picture), but he also really likes to be pet. Furthermore we ate the plums one of our colleagues brought (also couldn’t resist to take a dozen home). In the evening we visited the landlord on the tennis court, where we made the deal to move in around Sunday the 5th!


Love Miriam & Mirte
*Answers of the riddles:

At the end of the day

Four seasons in one day

Puss in boots

No two ways about it


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