Dear diary week 7…



We immediately took care of all the pictures this morning, went for a swim in the afternoon and made dinner.


Our challenge of today was to find a waitressing job in Nelson. That was a pretty difficult task… There were some restaurants who welcomed us happily, but everyone had the same message; we don’t have any vacancy now, but maybe in a week. Meanwhile we enjoyed ourselves in the lively city and with the beautiful weather.


We felt like hiking for a while again. So when we get the recommendation to go and do a short walk at the Grampians, we packed our stuff and went. The weather wasn’t cooperating but it was a nice hike and we enjoyed ourselves. When we got back, there were already some Christmas treats and some Dutch treats awaiting us!


Today we decided we both wanted to go our own way.

Mirte: I wanted to do another hike and because the weather was beautiful, I decided to do the Cable Bay trail. Hilde dropped me off at the start in Glenduan and surely I made my way up to the top and it’s amazing view! The hike was mesmerising and I was all by myself (well, with the sheep and cows). I was faster than expected and in an attempt to not get eaten by the sandflies I decided to hitchhike back. My first real hitchhike experience, it was a lot of fun and an adventurous day! 🙂

Miriam: I had some catching up to do with friends and family, so I spent the whole morning FaceTiming and chatting away. Afterwards I did get to soak up some sun on the sunny terrace while I read my book. So a nice relaxation day for me!


Since Saturday morning is equal to a Farmers market, we visited the one in Nelson. It was huge, Mirte tried Māori Fried Bread (tastes just like Oliebollen!) and we had our first encounter with Santa! Back home we begin with the preparations for our Christmas Dinner. That was a smart move because we could definitely not do it in 30 minutes like Jamie Oliver does. We made the crème brûlée dessert the day before. After dinner we played a long game of The Settlers of Catan and Mirte’s parents send us two gifts 🙂 A perfect way to end Christmas Eve!


We prepared ourselves for our Christmas hike at Dunn Mt. The moment we arrived, we were immediately welcomed with a jolly ‘Merry Christmas!’. The hike was really funny because the map was really vague and the tracks didn’t cohere. Because of that, we ended up being surrounded by bees, doing an impossible steep track and walking a track the wrong way around. We had to laugh a lot. Back home we got an amazing Christmas Dinner and played a game of ‘Fuck the neighbour’.


We both spent our morning Skyping with our families again. Of course very nice but it also evoked some emotions. After that, we continued our job hunt and went to the DOC to buy hut tickets, because we wanted to go tramping the following two days! We spent the rest of the day on the beach.

Love Miriam & Mirte


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