Dear diary week 6…

We started our day peacefully with a lovely breakfast. We made our way to the city centre of Wellington and wandered around Cuba Street. What we thought would take us a few hours, ended up taking the whole day. Cuba Street is supposed to be the home of vintage and hipsters and it definitely was! There were a lot of interesting, alternative shops. At a really cool second-handed shop Mirte bought some awesome clothes (Miriam bought body lotion at an awesome pharmacy). In the evening we went to Cin Cin (Italian for cheers), a picturesque Italian restaurant. We started with sharing a calamari dish, then we went on to wild rabbit ravioli and as a dessert we both had chocolatey goodness. After a beautiful ride up to the top of Victoria Mountain to see the city lights by dark, we ended our enjoyable day with apple cinnamon yoghurt flavoured ice cream.

img_20161213_131818_hdr  img_3785

We packed our tent in the rain and moved towards the sun near Putangirua pinnacles. We quickly set up our tent to enjoy the sun at Cape Palliser. On our way we came across some sunbathing seals. They turned out to be the North Island’s largest fur seal colony. After watching them sunbathe, swim and even fight we continued our journey to the Cape Palliser light house. We walked up some steep stairs and had a look at the fantastic view. But what we didn’t know, the fun had yet to begin. We wanted to walk to the waterfall nearby. However, the moment we started our 3km walk, a pick-up truck with a lot of kids in the back passed us and asked us if we wanted a ride. Of course. So we hopped on and our bumpy ride began. The driver raced over the bumps and through puddles launching us up, down and to the sides. After a relaxing time, bathing in the cool water, we got a dinner invitation. At their camp house we tasted some traditional Māori delicacies (raw sea urchin and abalone snail prepared in different ways), learned a Māori dance game and we sang for each other. After an amazing dinner, we ended the day with a bang (literally) and fired some shots at a plastic bottle. This was one of our wildest New Zealand experiences at the most southern part of the North Island.

dscn0988  dscn1003  dscn1034  dscn1046

This day was our recharge day. We’ve experienced a lot of amazing and hectic days recently and since today was going to be cloudy and cold (17°C), we decided to stay in and watch some movies after our amazing omelette dinner!

img_20161215_194948_hdr  img_20161215_215031_hdr

One of the items on our “Must Zealand” list was the Putangirua Pinnacles. We had two trail options: the stream trail and the ridge trail. Miriam chose the ridge trail, which went through the woods. This was an excellent choice, because the sun was merciless! The walk was supposed to last for 4h. However, since we were a bit faster, we enjoyed the view of the pinnacles for a while at the viewing platform. It was a beautiful walk and to cool down we dived into the swimming pool at the campsite.

dscn1057  dscn1076

Because we’ve enjoyed the last two farmer’s markets so much, we were eager to go to the one in Masterton when we heard of it. However, when we arrived, it turned out to be a lot smaller than we expected. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to speak to the farmers and the weather was amazing. Back at the campsite we went to the swimming pool again, because we need to get that tan going of course :D.
For dinner we were supposed to finish our shitty leftovers but then the campsite owner came to us with a bucket full of cooked abalone. We prepared them ourselves and jazzed up our dinner!

img_3867  img_20161217_185010_hdr

We were leaving on a perfect day. The wind was monstrous and our tent transformed into a kite! We fled to Wellington and had our lunch at the Capital Market, a cozy assembly of all kinds of cuisine nationalities. While the music pumped, we ate our vietnamese sandwiches and fried spring rolls. YUM! After that we came across an underground market. We spend most of our time aweing and even bought some souvenirs. We paid a visit to the Te Papa Museum once again and got back to the car to “cook” an amazing dinner in the park.
On the ferry we had to wait very long, so we played some new card games with two people we met. It was 1 A.M. when we arrived in Picton. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the hostel, our booked car spot (we were going to sleep in the car) was already taken… So a whole nightly adventure took place before we could end the day.

img_20161219_165306  img-20161218-wa0002

Luckily, we got a free breakfast this morning and we made use of that 🙂 Afterwards we headed to Mirte’s uncle and aunt in Nelson along a very beautiful scenic road. The moment we arrived we cleaned; laundry, coolbox, dishes, inside of the car, outside of the car, ourselves, everything.

img_20161219_102956_hdr  img_20161219_210346_hdr

Love Miriam & Mirte


3 thoughts on “Dear diary week 6…

  1. Harold 30 December 2016 / 12:47


    Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!….. en nog maar veel reisplezier samen.

    groeten (oom) Harold :p

    (Nee, door het tijdsverschil lijkt het of ik te laat ben…het is in Oosterwolde net de 29e…sukkeltje)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karin 31 December 2016 / 12:17

    gelukkig nieuwjaar , Mirte en Miriam. voor jullie is het al zover. Wij hebben nog een paar uurtjes te gaan. Ik hoop dat het een onvergetelijk nieuwjaar wordt voor jullie beiden. Beginnend met dit mooie avontuur kan dat natuurlijk niet mis gaan. Liefs, Karin (van der Poel)

    Liked by 1 person

    • miriamandmirte 1 January 2017 / 03:44

      Hey Karin, bedankt! We hebben het gezellig gevierd, kon idd niet mis gaan! Jullie ook een fijne jaarwisseling!


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