Dear diary…

During this blog post we will summarise what we did the last couple of days. You can see it as a public diary or a guide for doing fun things during a stay in Auckland. We’ve done many things our aunt has recommended us, so we’re no experts but you can enjoy our experiences!

We started our day with visiting a big market in Coatesville. The weather was really nice and sunny, our first real experience with the sun. New Zealand has a big hole in the ozone layer, this means that the UV radiation is much stronger and you really have to be careful exposing yourself to the sun. Even during cloudy days you have to apply sunscreen or wear a hat (Mirte has learned that the hard way). Then we drove into town and had a look at the Skytower. Later that evening Mirte played a short game of tennis with her uncle.

image-6 image-8

The morning started with taking care of a responsibility: opening a bank account. Then we went on to do something fun. We walked to the top of Mt Eden, which is one of the many volcanoes in Auckland.


While staying at Mirte’s uncle and aunt, Mirte is getting ‘driving in New Zealand 101’ from her aunt. Today the lesson was learning to deal with narrow roads with sharp turns. So we went hiking in Waitekere, since the road to get there has all of these features. It was stunning, the diversity of nature was mind blowing and the views were even better. We also had our own tourist guide (aunt) with us who gave us some fun facts about the plants and birds. It really was an amazing experience!

image-9 image-10

Today was full of activities. We started the morning at the tennis club where Mirte and her aunt played some games, meanwhile Miriam enjoyed herself at the beach nearby. Afterwards we took a dive at Pt England to cool of a bit. We got hungry from swimming, so for dinner we went to a cute Malaysian restaurant.

image-11 image-13

This time we had to plan something ourselves. Our choice was to go to Rangitoto, a volcano you have to visit by ferry. When we arrived, we hiked to the top and were dazzled by the view. We could see the Skytower, but the best thing was the overgrown crater which has lots of types of different plants and trees. Just yet we cooked and tried our borrowed tent, because on Saturday we’re going to have to use it for real!

Love Miriam & Mirte


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