Over the past view weeks we have been at it, on it and over it all the way. We applied for a passport, had an appointment at the bank about a credit card (we got it!) and our bank accounts, got an international driver’s license and visum, took care of the insurances (health & travel) and started looking at cars. All of this being ten times harder because Miriam isn’t 18 yet.

Last Friday we moved on to the more fun part of the to do list: shopping 🙂 While being caught up with the drive to Groningen, something was bound to go wrong. We totally forgot to bring our bags with our purses, along with some coupons and driver’s license (hehe oops). However Mirte’s grandad was our knight in shining armour and he lent us some money. We spend it all at the Bever (beaver), where we both bought a fleece sweater, some gloves and a water/windproof jacket. We lunched at Bagels & Beans and the rest of our time was spent having fun navigating badly between shops. How are we ever going to work this out in New Zealand?! :’)

So currently we are busy crossing things off of our to do list and we’re getting more and more excited every day!!

Love Miriam & Mirte


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