Future frights and dreamy destinations

So here we are, two months away from our departure date and several panic attacks later. We have been very busy preparing for the big experience and this has evoked a range of emotions. On the one hand we both get very excited when looking at places we want to go, but on the other hand we each experience the downside of going away for 6 months in our own way.

Over the past few years I’’ve made some really good friends (including the one I’’m going to New Zealand with 😉 ). I’’m not going to miss Mirte of course, since we’’re going together which I’’m very grateful for. However, I am going to miss my other friends. I’’m used to seeing my friends Monday till Friday every week in High School. Now most of my friends are off to college which is hard on its own, but we’’re going to be on the other side of the world with a time difference of 12 hours. Furthermore WiFi is scarce and we´ll be busy with our journey. Because of this and also because they will be making new friends and just being busy in general, I´m scared that we´ll grow apart.

Planning on going away for a really long time has been a little bit harsh on me. Guilt and fears of missing hold me back sometimes, but talking about it helps enormously and knowing I have a very good friend with me, has been very important to me. Also beginning with something completely unknown without the safety of your parents, may cause some nervous moments. Money and a roof won’’t be naturally and all responsibilities will be ours. Luckily, I am supported by all my loved ones, giving me that one push making my dream come true and Miriam with whom I can share everything.

Another concern of ours is money. Even though we´ve been working hard on various jobs for the past year, Miriam hasn´t been able to find a full time job for August – October. We do have enough money to survive, but we’’d much rather have a buffer and more money to do fun stuff with. This has caused some panicking, mostly on Miriam’’s side, but she is taking on everything she can and discussing it with Mirte. We are positive that we will work it out!

In between the panicking, we’’ve also been looking at a lot of fun stuff that we’d like to do. Our so called ‘‘Must Zealand’’ list. Here are some things we found:

  • Bay of islands


  • Rotorua geysers

rotorua geysers

  • Cathedral Cove (also featured in the movie ‘Narnia’)

Cathedral cove

  • Glow worms cave


  • Putangirua pinnacles


  • Te Paki dunes (where you can sand surf!!!)


In a few months time we’re going to have our own pictures of these amazing places!

Love Miriam & Mirte



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