THIS EVENING WE HAVE BOOKED OUR FREAKIN’ PLANE TICKETS! EXCITEMENT STRIKES! It has been a long time of doubts but we finally cut the Gordian knot: we are going to leave in November. The past few months we have been working very hard (and we will continue this in the upcoming months of course), in order to reach the amount of money we’ll need for the first two months travelling in New Zealand. Nevertheless, we weren’t sure we would reach that goal in time.

We have been considering leaving in December instead of November, or even apart from each other. But yesterday evening we realised that we really don’t want to leave without one another. This has been our journey for a long time and that’s how we wanted to keep it. The reason we were able to make the decision to retain our departure date, was because we received a lot of support from many friends and family, which we are grateful for <3. The fact that we found a ticket almost half the price we were expecting it to be, also may have helped ;).

So after we made this final decision yesterday, we decided to meet this evening to actually buy the plane tickets. This was quite sudden, but we just wanted to have certainty. About an hour ago we turned a big part of our dream into reality. On Wednesday the 2nd of November we are heading off to New Zealand!!!


Love Miriam & Mirte


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